1 – Create an Account

First, select a course to purchase on the “Course Catalog” page on the website.

During the purchase process you will be asked to create an account.

Fill in this portion only if you have NEVER taken an Ariel Online Course or Ariel College of the Bible and Messianic Jewish Studies online course from us.

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2 – Complete Your Payment

Enter your payment information and click “Pay Now”.

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3 – Confirmation Email

Once payment is approved (a few seconds), you will be asked to check your email.

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4 – Complete Your Registration

Check your email for this message. Click “Complete Registration”.

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5 & 6 – Finish Account Set-up

Because you have never taken an online course with us, you will be asked to enter your email or username and choose a password.

Then click “Register”

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7 – Enrollment Confirmation

Click here to access your ”Catalog” dashboard.

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8 – Course List

Next you will see a list of the courses you have purchased.

To access your course in “Canvas,” click “Go to Course”.

Note: This transcript only shows progress, not grades. We provide you with a video tutorial where to see your grades.

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9 – ACB-MJS Canvas Student Dashboard

You will then be taken here, where you can access and start your course.

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How to View and Begin Your Course