How to view and begin your course

The Canvas Dashboard

A. All the courses you have purchased from ACB-MJS will appear on your Canvas Dashboard.


B. If you notice that the course thumbnail images have odd color shading over them (as shown on the left) then you need to click on the three dots in the upper right corner and a drop down menu appears.  Uncheck the “Color Overlay” item and that color shading will go away.  These should NOT have shading.

C. Click on these 3 dots to rearrange or change the color of the small circle.


D. To access and start your course, click on your course card (or click courses on the menu on the left).

Notice also that the shading of the course thumbnails has no odd color shading any longer.  This is what your thumbails should look like.

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Example of Course Homepage

A. Home / Syllabus / Modules / Grades

B. 24/7 Help is always available to you here.

C. Follow these 3 steps.

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Watch the Short Tutorials on the Course Homepage

Below steps 1-3 on each course homepage are several video tutorials which will teach you you how to use Canvas.

You will learn how to start and how to complete your course on Canvas from these videos.

Once you learn how to use Canvas, you will like it a lot. It is the best online educational software in the nation.

A. Click the play button to view each video.

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Continued Access to your Courses

A. After you have signed into Canvas for the first time, you can access your courses by simply clicking on the SIGN-IN from the homepage

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IV. How to Access 24/7 Live Chat or Phone Help