Choose a Plan…

There are four different study options for each course.

We call these “Tiers.”

Below is a summary of all the tier options.

Summary of Tier 1 Courses


Instructor Interaction

  • Tier 1 courses have an instructor that personally oversees the course.
  • He grades written assignments, posts weekly notifications, and responds to student questions via email.


Weekly Deadlines

  • Tier 1 courses must be completed in one semester (16 weeks): normally one module each week.  Students have access to view the course for one year but the work (exams, assignments, etc.) must be completed in the semester it begins.
  • Students must complete all required work each week. Points are deducted for late work.
  • There are no live class meetings so students have the flexibility to listen to the pre-recorded lectures, and complete assignments and exams anytime they want during the week (Discussion Board assignments are normally due earlier in the week).


Full Credit: Enriched Educational Program

  • Tier 1 courses have a broader variety of assignments, faculty feedback from written work, and a higher level of accountability. 
  • Tier 1 courses are considered educationally “Enhanced” due to all the factors above. 
  • Tier 1 student transcripts and graduation diplomas will reflect completion of the ACB-MJS “Enhanced Education Program” (EEP).  

Summary of Tier 2 Courses



  • Students set their own pace when working through the course, as long as the course is completed in one year. There are no other deadlines.  



  • There is no instructor-to-student interaction. If you have questions about your progress in the course or college then you would communicate with the administration only.
  • Tier 2 is a good choice for students who are very self-disciplined and prefer to work through course curriculum and lectures independently.



  • Tier 2 courses are full-credit so they count towards a degree level certificate at ACB-MJS.
  • Tier 2 curriculum is almost the same as Tier 1 curriculum however written assignments are not turned-in or graded by an instructor and there are no discussion board assignments.
  • All written assignments must be retained by all Tier 2 students until graduation; we may examine all work to ensure it meets ACB-MJS academic standards.

Summary of Tier 3 Courses


Non-Credit, Audit Only

  • Tier 3 courses are the same as Tier 2 courses but no ACB-MJS college credit is given for these courses.
  • Students have full access to all course content including: all lecture video presentations, all curriculum, all exams, all articles, and resources for one year from the date of purchase.
  • We do not maintain academic records for students taking non-credit courses.
  • Tier 3 courses are an excellent choice for many who want to study the Scriptures but are not seeking a degree or may not want to complete the exams or assignments.

Summary of Tier 4 Courses


Course Video Lecture Presentations Only

  • Tier 4 courses grant access to view all of the course video lecture presentations, however there is no access granted to the rest of the course content (e.g. articles, curriculum, exams, etc.).
  • These lecture presentations are the centerpieces of our courses because they are quite extensive, covering almost all of the content in the course textbooks.
  • Our course video lectures are professionally recorded in closed-studio settings with outstanding audio, visual resolutions, and on-screen graphics and text.
  • Course lectures are organized by modules and most courses have 10-16 modules with from 9 to 20 hours of total lecture content in a course.
  • Tier 4 courses expire one year from the date of purchase.
  • Video and audio lectures cannot be copied, downloaded, or posted online.