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How to Use the Canvas Help feature

When you click on the Help icon, you have three choices for help:

(1) Canvas Guides: How to articles and videos

(2) Chat with Canvas: 24/7 Real People – Fast Help

(3) 24/7 Phone Help: 1-877-639-7096

Additional Help and Contact Information

Seek Canvas Help If:

  • You have any technical or login problems with Canvas or Catalog or your courses
  • Have questions about how to use Canvas or Catalog
  • You need any help finding things related to your course (e.g. syllabus, modules, exams, etc.)

We are paying Canvas extra money each year to provide this 24/7 personal help service for our ACB-MJS students. Please use Canvas help!

Contact Info:

24/7 Canvas Live Chat

24/7 Phone 1-877-639-7096

Seek ACB-MJS Admin Help If:

  • You have questions about our college, upcoming courses, your progress, your transcripts, want a refund on a course, or if considering underwriting the entire cost to produce a new course.
  • You have a matter that cannot be handled by Canvas.

Contact Info:

ACB-MJS Administrator: (We normally respond within 24-48 hours.)

Tier One course students can email their instructors directly (cf. Tier One course Syllabus)

Seek Ariel Home Office Help If:

  • You want to order an Ariel course textbook for an Ariel online course.
  • Have a question about shipping of an Ariel book.
  • Have other matters you want to discuss with Ariel Ministries that are not related to ACB-MJS.

Contact Info:

Phone: 1 (210) 344-7707


Mazel Tov!

You have completed all three steps.
You can now browse through the “Course Catalog” and purchase a course.