1 – Sign In

After you have selected a course to purchase on the “Course Catalog” page of the website, you will be asked to “Sign-In to Enroll.”   Again, this is for students who have taken an Ariel Online Course before.

Sign in using your existing username and password.

*Do NOT fill this lower portion (we have a red X) if you have taken an Ariel Online Course before. We already have your username and password in our system.

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2 – Complete Your Payment

Enter your payment information and click “Pay Now”.

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3 – Purchase Confirmation

In a few seconds, your purchase is approved, and this will be on the screen.

Click “Go to your Dashboard”.

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4 – Course List

Next you will see a list of the courses you have purchased.

To access your course in “Canvas,” click “Go to Course”.

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5 – ACB-MJS Canvas Student Dashboard

You will then be taken here, where you can access and start your course.

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How to View and Begin Your Course